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International Friendship Agreements

  • Kaohsiung (City council)

    Kaohsiung (City council) Friendship Agreement with Sister City’s Council

    • Date of Agreement : May. 04, 2010
    • Notes : Friendship exchange agreement
      (09.7.15 Intention on friendship exchanges)

Agreement for Friendly Cooperation

Agreement for Friendly Cooperation
Date Details
Aug. 01, 2007 President Chang, Chiwang and 11 guests visited for a goodwill visit.
Feb. 27, 2008 President Park, Changgyu and 7 guests came for a goodwill visit and inspection (Incheon Harbor Special Committee).
Jul. 14, 2009 ~ Jul. 17, 2009 Vice President Yoo, Chunho and 11 members agreed in principle on friendship exchange (Jul. 15, 2009) With the 8th Worldgame invitation event
May. 3, 2010 ~ May. 7, 2010 President Chang, Chiwang and 14 members agreed on friendship exchange agreement. (May 4, 2010).
Aug. 02, 2011 Aug. 05, 2011 Invited eight people and Vice Chair Kim, Gi-hong to Kaohsiung Council
June 16, 2012 A delegation of 31 members from the Kaohsiung City Council in Taiwan visited Incheon for promotion of mutual understanding, friendship exchange and goodwill activity
Mar. 07, 2013 Seven members including council member Li Dengai from the Kaohsiung City Council of Taiwan visited Incheon for promotion of mutual understanding, friendship exchange, and goodwill activity
December 18, 2017 ~ December 21, 2017 Nine people including Chair Won-yeong Jegal (6 council members, 3 attendees) visited the Taipei City Council to promote mutual understanding and friendship exchange