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The right to application is traditionally the oldest right of the public guaranteed by a civil law-governed nation of people, as stated in Article 26 of Korea's Constitution. It is the public's right to appeal to the government for a certain opinion or demand in the form of a document as well as for a violated right or interest.

Process of Application

Process of Application
Submission of an application Concretely state the intention and cause of application, indicate the name and address of the applicant and sign; attach a letter of recommendation from a member of the council.
Receipt of application Supplement is required for any missing documents, insufficient details or disqualification. Rejection notice is given when a certain application outline is rejected. Distribute to each member and related standing committees (when needed, special application review committee may be formed)
Inspection by committee When needed, testimonies can be heard from an applicant, interested parties or persons with knowledge and experience. When demanded, the recommending committee member should state the intention of the application. With no further consideration, results are reported to the chairperson within 20 days excluding closed assemblies. Applications decided not worthy for the general meeting are reported to the chairperson to be notified to the applicant.
Discussion at the general meeting Report of review, discussion and decision when decided worthy for the mayor, an opinion statement is attached and the application is transferred to the mayor immediately. (notified to the applicant and recommending member)
Process Results should be notified to the applicant (results decided by the local council or by the mayor)

Submission of application

  • Application should be in the form of a document and a recommendation letter from a member of Incheon city Council should be attached
  • Application should include the applicant's name (corporations require title and owner's name),address and contact information, and signature
  • Recommending member should sign the application and the recommendation letter
  • Concretely state the intention, cause and demand of the application
  • Attach citizen's registration document to prove the applicant's current address and permanent address
  • In case of joint application, a representative should be selected and indicated, and the original copy of applicants’ list should be attached
  • Other references may be attached (related documents, plans, photos and etc.)
  • Application issues
    1. Relief for damages
    2. Demand for corrections, disciplinary actions or punishments for immoral government officials
    3. Establishment, amendment or abolition of a regulation
    4. Other issues related to public policy, facility managements or public organizations.

Receipt of application

  • 「Receipt」 is a factum of accepting the submitted application as a fact
  • Receipt follows a formal inspection for qualification
  • Transferred to the Application Process Department

Demand for supplement

  • [Supplement may be demanded when the application is formally disqualified]
    1. Formal qualification: attachment of a recommendation letter from a member, intention,cause and demand of application, address/name, signature and etc
    2. Supplement period: within 15 days

Decision of acceptance

  • Acceptance」 is an act of official administration to accept that the submitted application is formally qualified and valid.
  • Accepted when an application is formally qualified and its contents are acceptable.
  • Unacceptable
    1. Intervention to a judgment
    2. In violation of ordinances
    3. Defilement of a national leader or national organization
    4. Double petition: when two or more applications with identical contents (although by different causes) are submitted to one organization or more than two organizations, the latter submission is unacceptable)

    ※ Punishment: Untruthful petition to harm others

  • Notification of non-acceptance when unaccepted, a notice with reasons is sent to the recommending member and applicant
  • Objection
    1. Objection may be submitted for double petition within 15 days from the notification through the recommending member.
    2. The Chairman receives the petition when the objection is accepted.
  • Abolition of Application
    1. When an applicant wishes to abolish his/her application, he/she must state reasons for abolition and have his/her signature and that of the recommending member on the abolition form for submission to the Chairman.
    2. To abolish an application that has been issued (discussed and currently pending) by the committee or the general meeting, it should be agreed by the committee or the general meeting.

Report to the general meeting

  • Receive and report to the Chairperson
  • Committee's response reported to the National Assembly application’s outline printed and distributed to each member

Examination of committee

  • Examination/submission of committee (within 60 days)
    1. Submission reported
    2. Deliberation schedule discussed (similar applications may be discussed simultaneously)
    3. Recommending member may be demanded to explain the applicant's intention
    4. Inspection report by a specialist
    5. Questioning and answering (When decided by the committee, testimonies or opinions may be heard from an applicant, interested parties or people with knowledge and experience)
    6. Discussion (Sub-committee may be formed, applications requiring budgets should be consulted to the Mayor or related official workers)
    7. Resolution

    ※ Applications are not passed, but reflected.

    ※ Exclusions: members who may be directly interested in an application or who have reasons to act unfairly, are not allowed to participate in the deliberation or resolution.? Violations will be punished.

Examination of committee

  • A responded application shall attach an opinion statement indicating the related organization (Mayor or Assembly) and shall be reported.
    ※ Application for the Local council, the opinion statement includes measures and methods(ex: proposals for ordinances for establishment/amendment application for ordinances)
  • Applications decided not worthy to be reported to the general meeting should indicate reasons for rejection and shall be reported to the chairperson in the general meeting.
    ※ Reason for Rejection: achievement of demand, realistically impossible (budget situations) or unreasonable to the current policies
  • When the chairperson or 1/3 of the enrolled members demand for report within 7 days(excluding recessed or closed periods) from the report of rejection,report shall be made to the general meeting.
  • When not audited within a given time, intermediate report and extension of audit period should be notified.
  • Notification to the applicant or recommending member
    1. When accepted by the committee
    2. When decided not worthy to be reported to the National Assembly and audited

Report to the general meeting

  • Report with Opinion Statement
    1. Deliberation schedule discussed
    2. Audit Report
    3. Questions/Answers and Discussion
    4. Resolution (Opinion Statement Accepted)
  • Notification to the applicant or recommending member
  • Transfer: applications for Mayors to resolve are transferred with an opinion statement
  • Response to application: Mayor
  • Report to the general meeting
    1. Mayor reports the result to the chairperson immediately.
    2. Final results are reported to the general meeting.