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Voting right

As a representative government body designed for residents, the council is defined to be a legislative organ of a local government. Therefore, the most important authority of the council is to decide for or against an agenda that requires the resolution of the council, such as an agenda proposed by the executive organ or assemblyman. The details of resolution that are stated in the Local Government Act and other laws are as follows.

Essential resolutions stated in the Local Government Act

Essential resolutions stated in the Local Government Act
Required Legislative Issues Related Articles
Enactment and derogation of ordinance Article 47, Clause 1
Deliberation/confirmation of budget Article 47, Clause 1
Approval of account settlement Article 47, Clause 1
Imposition and collection of charges, fees, allotment, local taxes, or admission fees, exclusive of tde tdings stated in tde law Article 47, Clause 1
Installation and operation of funds Article 47, Clause 1
Acquisition and disposal of important property Article 47, Clause 1
Installation, management, and disposal of a public facility Article 47, Clause 1
Extraordinary liability or disclaimer besides tde regulations stipulated in tde law and ordinance Article 47, Clause 1
Acceptance and treatment of petition Article 47, Clause 1
Matters related to exchange cooperation witd a foreign local government Article 47, Clause 1
Act of bearing tde obligation such as issuance of local government bond Article 139
Resolution of continuing expenditure and expenditure of reserve fund Article 143, Article 144
Organization of administrative consultative council between local governments and establishment of regulations Article 169, Clause 2
Regulation change in tde administrative consultative council of a local government and abolition of tde administrative consultative council Article 175
Establishment of an association in a local government and establishment of regulations Article 176, Clause 1
Regulation change in tde association of a local government and dissolution of tde association Article 181, Clause 1

Other Required Legislative Issues

Other Required Legislative Issues
Required Legislative Issues Related Articles
Billing, collection,waiving of local taxes Local Taxes Law Art. 3. Art. 9
Decision on urban planning Article 29 of the Decree of The National Land Planning and Utilization Act

Right to Audit and Investigate Public Administrative Affairs

Local Assembly may audit the internal affairs of executive organs and investigate certain issues about the affairs through legislative resolutions. When needed for audit or investigation, a field inspection, submission of related documents, or presence and testimony of the Chairpersons or their delegations may be requested.

Required Legislative Issues of Local Administrations Law

Required Legislative Issues of Local Administrations Law
Classification Audit of Public Administrative Affairs Investigation of Public Administrative Affairs
Range Overall Affairs Particular Issues about Overall Affairs
Period Within 10 days during annual regular assembly (twice) Occasionally
Requisite Legal Audit - Approved by the-National Assembly Issued by more than 1/3 of enrolled members- decided by the National Assembly

Right to Audition Petitions

Petitions are submitted by citizens to the Local Administrative Offices for the amendment or improvement of certain issues. Petitioners to the Local Assembly should have at least one recommending member in the Assembly, and when a petition is submitted, it is audited by a related committee or the National Assembly.

Right to Freedom

Local Assembly has the right to make a resolution about an opinion or an internal issue as decided by its ordinances or regulations independent from other organizations

  • Right to Internal Organization: Organization of Chairperson’s Council, Establishment of committees
  • Right to Independent Assemblies: Establishment of Regulations, Liberal Opening and Concluding of Assemblies
  • Right to Determine Members' Status: Disciplining of Members, Audit of Member Qualifications...