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1st Metropolitan City Council

  • Jun. 6, 1988

    Amendment of Local Administrative Law (4004th Constitutional Amendment)

  • Jun. 20, 1991

    1st Incheon Local Assembly Election (27 districts 27 candidates)

  • Jul. 8, 1991

    1st Incheon Local Assembly, 1st Organization(4 standing committees)
    President: Gi-Sang Lee
    Vice President: Myung-Bok Lee, Soon-Sang Jang
    The Chair, Executive Committee : Yun-Hwan Lee
    The Chair, Internal Affairs Committee : Tae-Hwa Park
    The Chair, Education & Social Affairs Committee : Sang-Gil Shim
    The Chair, Industrial Construction Committee : Jang-Won Park
  • Feb. 10, 1992

    Renaming of「Incheon Local Assembly Bureau 」to「Incheon Local Assembly Office 」
    President: Hyuk-Hwan Gwon
    Vice President: Hyun-Goo Shim
  • Mar. 10, 1993

    Sister Assembly Agreenent signed with Anchorage Local Assembly of US

  • Jun. 29, 1993

    Division of Industrial Construction Committee divided into 「Industrial Committee 」and 「Construction Committee 」
    (4 Standing Committees → 5 Standing Committees)

  • Jul. 8, 1993

    1st Incheon Local Assembly, 2nd Organization
    President: Sang-Gil Shim
    Vice President: Hyung-Chil Park, Hyun-Chul Won
    The Chair, Executive Committee : Gi-Bon Lee
    The Chair, Internal Affairs Committee : Soon-Bae Kim
    The Chair, Education & Social Affairs Committee : Hoi-Goo Lee
    The Chair, Economic Development Committee : Jang-Won Park
    The Chair, Construction Committee : Choon-Sik Kim
  • Nov. 10, 1994

    Signing of Friendly Agreement with Dalian Citizen's Delegation Standing Committee of China