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  1. Preparation

    Decide the audit period

    Compose audit plan for administrative affairs

    Suggested the approval of audit period and target organizations (Steering Committee of the Council)

    Obtain approval of the audit target from the general meeting

    Confirmation of the audit plan

    Appoint an assistant for the audit of administrative affairs

    Send the audit plan such as report, related documents, etc.

  2. Execution

    Execute the audit of administrative affairs

    • Declaration of the audit and greetings
    • Greetings of the organization and introduction of board members
    • Report and Q&A
    • Comment on audit result and declaration of the audit conclusion
  3. Finalization

    Submit the audit report on administrative affairs
    (Submission made to the chair of each standing committee)

    Detail of the report

    • Purpose of the audit
    • Target of the audit
    • Detail of the audit
    • Other opinions and issues raised in the audit
    • Executor of the audit
    • Progress of the audit
    • Result and treatment of the audit
    • Related documents

    Treat the audit result in the general meeting (Decision to correct and meet the demand)

    Transfer the issues to be corrected and treated as the consequence of the audit on administrative affairs (To cities and applicable organizations)

    Report the outcome of the correction and treatment
    (Report from the cities and applicable organizations to the council)

  4. Notification of the corrected actions and results to the committees