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Dear beloved and esteemed three million Incheon citizens and seven million overseas Koreans,
I am Lee Bongrak, the 9th Chairman of the Incheon Metropolitan Council.

We find ourselves amid a time of great change,
turning hopes into reality in the wake of overcoming challenges.

Believing that citizens are the owners of policies, the Incheon
Metropolitan Council is steadfast in its commitment to
engaging and collaborating with both the ruling and opposition parties,
as well as the executive authority, to ensure the operation of a productive and efficient council,
centered on enhancing the livelihoods of our citizens.

Furthermore, I pledge that the Council will endeavor to embody the key
city philosophies of ‘seeing’, ‘listening’, ‘connecting’,
and ‘acting’, and to translate them into significant achievements.

Throughout this year, the Council will continue advancing
towards a brighter future by solely focusing on
citizens and prioritizing their interests.

I rely on your keen interest and support. Thank you.

Lee Bongrak Chairperson of the Incheon Metropolitan Council