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What is a petition?

Personal petitions refer to petitions, complaints, suggestions, inquiries and appeals submitted without the recommendation of a member. The personal petitions received by the local council are submitted to a related standing committee and responded to within 20 days from the date of receipt. Personal petitions that intervene a judgment, defile a national leader, defile the President or a member of the Local Assembly, and are submitted more than twice by same person within a year, or have on uncertain address or name are not accepted.

Petition Process

Petition Process
Receipt of a petition In case of general receipt of petition, suggestion, appeal or inquiries for the chairperson, the directors, members or office director receive the verification issued when required.
Submission to a committee In case of submitting a petition outline to a related standing committee,opinions or assistance may be asked to a related organ.
Inspection by committee A specialist inspects the petition and formulates a response. For major issues, the opinion of a related committee member may be collected or deliberation of a related committee may be conducted.
Results notification Response to the petition is approved by the director and reported to the chairman for notification.
Notification to the petitioner Results of the petition are notified to the petitioner.